Joel Cameron

Photos by Pez

Hi, I'm Joel.  Thanks for stopping by.

Ever since I was about a year old, I've been banging on things.... Whether it was my head against my crib's headboard (yes, literally), my hands on a kitchen table, or sticks on a bunch of KFC buckets I would hoard from Sunday lunches, I've been drumming as long as I can remember (over 40 years now), and thankfully, I've been getting paid for it most of that time!

I caught the recording bug in high school tracking bands straight to 2-track cassette.  I then moved on to other formats, from 8 and 16-track reel-to-reel, to ADATs and DA88s, 24-track 2" tape, to ultimately tracking and mixing on a computer.  When I could no longer abide the sterility of my in-the-box DAW productions I began adopting techniques and tinkering with gear designed specifically to provide the rich, toneful character I was missing.   Eventually, in 2006, I started Rascal Audio to make exceptionally analogue-rich devices available to everyone.

I'm a life-long learner -- I've learned a lot over the decades, both as a drummer and an audio engineer.  I still get pumped every time I discover or learn a new technique for accomplishing something I'm trying to do, and I love to talk shop and share knowledge freely with people of similar passion.  I hope that this site provides useful information to help people go out and make great music we can all enjoy!


Rascal Audio's Family of Toneful Gear